Early Intervention
ABA & Competent Learner Model

Early Intervention enhances development, provides assistance, and lays a foundation for children with developmental disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, etc. The Competent Learner Model (CLM) is a Best Practice model, based on the principles of ABA, designed with the tagline “play, learn, achieve” in mind, to empower all individuals working with learners who have difficulties.

How does CLM work?

Intervention offers one-on-one sessions for children up to 5 years old with qualified, experienced and trained instructors under direct supervision of coaches in schools and nurseries. It is a collaborative and transparent approach, involving school, therapists, and family. The goal of CLM is to implement effective and sustainable educational programs for individuals with unique needs, and encourage competence across seven key repertoires (talker, reader, problem-solver, participator, listener and observer).

What services do we offer?

  • CLM placement and skill-based assessment, 1:1 intervention sessions and ongoing review
  • CLM intervention and inclusion – child enrolled in nursery/kindergarten and 1:1 intervention provided by CLM team members

If you’re concerned about the development of your child, suspect a disability, or simply desire to understand more about Early Intervention and CLM, ABTI holds an Exclusive Territory CLM (Competent Learner Model) T-LAB License to operate in UAE, the surrounding region and India.

Dubai Services

Phone – +97156 3879336
Email – clm@abtinstitute.org