Early Intervention

Why Early Intervention? Capitalize on the tremendous plasticity and learning ability of your child during the infant and toddler years. Early Intervention enhances development, provides assistance, builds trust in a safe & caring environment and lays a strong foundation for children exhibiting delayed milestones or developmental disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, etc)

Our Method: The Competent Learner Model (CLM)

A Best Practice method, based on the Science of Human Behavior and Learning, to build competencies across all areas of development.  CLM is a child-centered, individualized, playful, gentle, collaborative and transparent approach, that involves the family, the school & other professionals on the child’s team.

  Our People: Certified, experienced  & passionate behavioral educators

Our Goal: Implement effective and sustainable behavioral education programs for children with unique needs, and encourage competence across seven key repertoires. (Problem-solver, Participator, Talker, Listener, Observer, Writer & Reader).

      Centre Based Service at Al Barsha 1, Dubai

  • CLM curriculum placement and skill-based assessment
  • 1:1 intervention sessions with CLM/ABA certified interventionists with parent coaching during session
  • CLM/ABA intervention for Social skills & peer interaction – Small group sessions.
  • Emotional Health support & guidance for parents & families

Nursery/School based Service (Dubai & Abu Dhabi)

  • CLM curriculum placement and skill-based & behavioral assessment
  • 1:1 intervention with CLM/ABA certified interventionists & collaborative consultations with the school & home team
  • Learning Support Assistants – ABA trained with regular coaching/supervision
  • Transition support from & to Nurseries &  Schools

Are you looking for a caring & systematic experience to enhance the development of your child? Give us a chance show you!!


ABTI holds an Exclusive Territory(Competent Learner Model) T-LAB License to operate in UAE.

Dubai Services

Phone – +97156 3879336
Email – clm@abtinstitute.org
Location – 309,Pinnacle Bldg,
Sh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1
Dubai, UAE