They have given me the tools and resources that I need. I am so grateful for their support and guidance.

Mrs. SaraParent

The ABTI Institute has helped me become the best advocate for my son.

Esma IParent

The teachers are so genuine and helpful.

Christine AParent

Absolutely wonderful! This Training was worth it. I am so pleased with the results.

Hendrika Y.

Amazing Instructors! I can already see improvements in my child's skills.


The best special needs institute in my town hands down.

Mr N ZubaParent

Early Intervention

Now he is forming full sentences and is even able to handle a conversation! We really feel that our program laid the foundation for A!


"F is doing great at School - he is a very happy boy 😍 Not sure if I told you that he doesn't require LSA support anymore 🥰"

S.J Parent

Thank you so much for everything Ms. Nipa. I really mean it. Had he not been there with you, we wouldn't have seen so much progress


It gives me great pleasure to share my rewarding experience with The ABTi during their great intervention with My Son who was in thier program for delayed functional speech and social interaction. The team was approachable , professional and punctual. He had excellent results with dramatic improvement. My son has reached all his milestones for his age and currently in regular schooling.Coming from medical back ground , I would highly recommend The ABTi!

Dr. S.MParent

We all are doing great , M is better than before . Doing reasonably well with on line . Starting again in school next week. Thank you for your great support


"Wanted to share that S's latest assessment shows that she is at the level of her typical peers in cognitive and adaptive domains. Reading skills are above her typical peers. She mildly lags in social and verbal domains.
We are so highly grateful to everyone here who supported us."

Dr G.SParent