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Build capacity by providing education for those who work/care for persons with developmental disabilities.


Implement coaching programs based on evidence based tools and practices


Create a culture of understanding, education and empowerment for learners, educators & caregivers



After many days of visiting centers in Dubai and researching online, we met Mrs Nipa Bhuptani from the Applied Behavioral Training Institute, which supports parents who’ve just got the diagnosis and starts early intervention. From the beginning we felt a wonderful connection with her and her team and could see how passionate they are.

Bianca (parent)Baby & Child Magazine, March 2019

Loved instructor’s delivery and knowledge of information. Kept it engaging and interesting.

ABA Level 1 SessionJanuary 2019

I found ABA level one a great opportunity to know what can be possible in working with [Special Education Needs] students. Definitely want to study further and go for level 2 and later BCaBA.

ABA Level 1 SessionJanuary 2018

All the sessions were engaging and nicely paved. I had a lot to take back from the sessions and apply on my learner. Thanks for the sessions and the content.

ABA Level 1 SessionJanuary 2018

Good for a person who wants insight into behavior analysis, could be as a parent or educator or even for a person who wants a career in this field. Thank you for all the help and guidance.

ABA Level 1 Session May 2018

I learned how to assess my learner’s behavior, how to plan ahead for his responses, how to reinforce his positive behaviors and work towards removing undesirable ones. I learned about resources to use. I learned a new way of looking at autism and how to reach my learner!

ABA Level 1 Session July 2018
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